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Vacation Bible School (VBS)


Each summer, Shiloh Baptist Church hosts Vacation Bible School (VBS) for our church family and community. This week-long celebration features God-centered fun, activities, lessons and music for all ages. It's a fun-filled, theme-based spiritual adventure for boys and girls providing concentrated Bible study and encouraging real-life application. VBS is an important annual outreach ministry for Shiloh Baptist Church.



VBS 2018: "Babylon: Daniel's Courage in Captivity"

Join Daniel torn from his home and forced into the king's service. Explore exotic sights and smells in a Babylonian Bazaar! Kids and adults will find that they're not much different from Daniel and his friends, who kept their faith in a faithless culture.





VBS 2017: "Rome: Paul and the Underground Church"

An unforgettable journey to first-century Rome!
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VBS 2016: "Egypt: Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace"

Participants learned all about Joseph's journey in our Egypt-themed VBS.
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VBS 2015: "Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus was a Kid"

Everyone knows what it’s like to hear your mom tell stories from your childhood. Can you imagine the kinds of stories Mary could tell? Take your kids back to Hometown Nazareth, where they'll stand up for their faith among people who doubt that the carpenter’s son is really God’s son.
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VBS 2014: "Wilderness Escape"      

Kids caravanned through the wilderness with Moses and the Israelites in the one-of-a-kind Bible-times vacation Bible school.
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VBS 2013: "Colossal Coaster World"      

Through every twist, turn, and dive, Colossal Coaster World challenged kids to face their fears and trust God. There was excitement around every curve as kids learned that God has given them a spirit of power, love, and sound judgment.  This evangelistic VBS was the ultimate ride!
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VBS 2012: "Amazing Wonders Aviation"     

Amazing things happened as kids encountered God like never before. Lives were changed as kids toured some of the world’s most marvelous natural wonders and learned to trust and recognize God as they explored His awesome power.
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VBS 2011: "Big Apple Adventure"

Big City, Bigger Fun! Grab a cab and get ready for fun around every corner in LifeWay’s Big Apple Adventure, Where Faith and Life Connect. As kids explored the big city, they learned how to step out in faith and connect with Jesus--sharing the message of Christ with their world.
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VBS 2010VBS 2010: "Saddle Ridge Ranch"

We saddled up for VBS 2010 where kids were ridin’ the range and roundin’ up questions like, “What is God’s plan for me?” and “How can I be like Jesus?” At the end of the day, they discovered God’s Word has all the answers!
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VBS 2009: "Boomerang Express"

For 2009, we took a thrilling train ride across the Land Down Under with LifeWay's Boomerang Express! As kids wound their way through Australia, they discovered the vastness of God's love, and they learned that no matter where they go or what they do in life—it all comes back to Jesus.
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VBS 2008: "Outrigger Island"

During VBS 2008, kids learned to know, speak, and live God's truth—aloha style. Based on Psalm 86:11, Outrigger Island was more than a tropical paradise. It's the place where kids developed the stability they need to face a world of shifting sands and wavering opinions. 250 attended our VBS and learned to live in God's unshakeable truth.
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VBS 2007: "Game Day Central"

Our theme in 2007 was "Game Day Central: Where Heroes Are Made". It got kids in the game and helped them learn how to become heroes both on and off the field by focusing on Jesus and following God's plan for their lives. Kids had an all-access pass for everything from the Worship Rally Arena to the Crafts Fan Zone.
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VBS 2006: "Arctic Edge"

Over 260 students of all ages attended our 2006 Vacation Bible School where the theme was "Arctic Edge: Where Adventure Meets Courage." Adventurers trekked north where daily excursions from Big Bear Lodge had them hiking across the tundra, exploring the seascape by kayak, and skimming the backcountry in a float plane. As they tested their limits in the challenges of the vast Arctic wilderness, they learned that God is always with them. They found the courage required to follow Jesus in the everyday challenges of life.
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VBS 2005: "Ramblin' Road Trip"

The 2005 VBS theme followed an imaginary road trip along "Route 254," alluding to the Scripture Psalm 25:4-5: "Make your ways known to me, Lord; teach me Your paths. Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation."
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VBS 2004: "Rickshaw Rally"

"Far-out Far East Rickshaw Rally-Racing to the Son" was the theme for 2004 VBS. Participants raced through the Far East, dashing through the streets of Tokyo, climbing Mt. Fuji and diving for pearls in the Sea of Japan. All this, plus the ultimate goal of finding Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
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  The Publicity Committee produces a video of our VBS highlights each year. Each is posted online at Copies of the videos are also available on DVD. You may check out a VBS DVD from the Shiloh Library or contact Chris Chalkley to request a free copy.
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