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Discipleship & Growth Ministry



The mission of this ministry is to build up Christ's church by training, equipping, and imparting the wisdom given by God through His Holy Spirit. It endeavors to worship God by growing in the knowledge of the Lord and seeking His good and perfect will. (Col. 3:16)


Church Resource Center Team

The purpose of the Church Resource Center (CRC) Team is to glorify God in Reaching, Building, and Serving all ministries of Shiloh Baptist Church through resources that are consistent with the doctrinal position of the Church. This team will acquire and maintain resources (books, videos, CDs, etc.) that will be utilized to reach out to the Shiloh family and community, to build their knowledge of Christ, and to assist them in serving God by reaching out to others.  The CRC Team will support the other church ministry teams by providing informational and inspirational resources.  Promotional activities will increase awareness of the CRC and its many resources and, as a result, increase usage of those resources.

Servant Mobilization Team

This ministry equips church members for service and assists in placing them into positions of service that match their Spiritual Gifts, passions, talents, and personal style. The vision of the Servant Mobilization Team is that church members will accept and serve in positions to which they are convinced God has called them. They will be in positions for which they feel passion and in which they experience joy and fulfillment.  As such, they will give their best effort; they will feel the support of the church in their efforts; they will experience God as He works through their ministries; and they will glorify God. (1 Peter 4:10)

Sunday School Team

This team is responsible for selecting, ordering and distributing Sunday School material and any additional monthly literature. It is also responsible for nominating Sunday School teachers for selection at the May business meeting.

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